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Develop your app, focus on code, deploy it everywhere : WebAssembly, mobile, IoT or desktop.

Builds by convention

NXXM automagically builds your C & C++ code.

Spare up to 80% of software maintenance costs.

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C++ dependency management

Setups everything you need : tools, compilers, libraries.

GitHub & Gitlab connected.

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Compiler cloud

NXXM works with it's CaaS Compiler as a Service cloud that can build C++ for any platform.

Insanely fast, massively parallel and hot-reloading.

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Free & available now for all platforms
Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04 LTS
Windows 10 64bit
Add nxxm.io
to Visual Studio Code
Install nxxm on Linux or macOS
/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nxxm/nxxm/master/install/install_for_macos_linux.sh)"

Paste that in a Linux shell prompt or in a macOS Terminal.

Install nxxm on Windows 10
. { iwr -useb https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nxxm/nxxm/master/install/install_for_windows.ps1 } | iex

Paste that in a Powershell (run as Administartor).


Code in C++ & HTML5. Be productive we make it compile & run. Just call nxxm .

Plans & Pricing

Rapid prototyping that scales to a product: start working with our opensource-friendly version and scale when required!



  • Builds by convention
  • Possibility to fetch any dependency from any public Github Repository
  • GitHub release powered app upgrade
  • Community Support
Indie Developer

$ 30/ month

  • Ultra fast compilation with prebuilt dependencies support.
  • Private GitHub.com Repositories
  • Closed Source Dependencies & Apps
  • Premium support.

+41 (0) 78 984 08 13
(Price of a Local Swiss Call)

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Enterprise Developer

$ 350/ month

  • Ultra fast compilation with prebuilt dependencies support.
  • Private GitHub.com Repositories
  • Closed Source Dependencies & Apps
  • GitHub Enterprise connectivity
  • Premium 1 working day support.

+41 (0) 78 984 08 13
(Price of a Local Swiss Call)

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Watch nxxm video

WebAssembly Primer & building web apps with nxxm at the CppCon 2018...

Behind The Story

Passionate software developers


You can also look at the documentation or contact us below.

  • Why WebAssembly first ?
    We support any platform and provide tools for all possible. We however provide a smart default with WebAssembly, because we love improving end user experience. The fact that one can write C++ code which runs efficiently and fast with the same architecture on the server and the browser is bringing new possibilities to end-user experience.

    What we want is to make it as easy as breathing to write C++ applications to empower Web and Mobile end-users.
  • Opensource ?

    Yes we are opensource contributors at heart, and know what it needs to trust a software.

    We started the belle::vue Open Source Initiative at CppCon 2018.

    We already released many components that we developed to build nxxm :

    • xxhr : HTTP Requests cross-platform & in the Browser
    • Github API implementation : nxxm/gh
    • Command Line widgets nxxm/cli_widgets
    • Open-source projects like Boost, CMake, Emscripten, Hunter and thousands of other libraries are the giants' shoulders nxxm is standing on. The nxxm project is happy and truly thankful to live in a time where we can participate in such lively and creative communities with so many cool ideas and so much passion. Without those, developing nxxm would not have been possible. Open-source lets us take part in building the future. Let’s do it together.

  • Why building by convention ? Isn't it giving random results ?
    Actually we love writing C++ and our statement is that the language is rich enough to declare how it should be built.
    Each codebase has some sort of convention and the builds are 100% reproducible as we rely on a solid code analysis & rule engine that drives proven technologies like CMake by abstracting them away for you.
  • Don't you like CMake ? Bazelbuild ? Meson ?
    We love them and we rely on them in nxxm. For example CMake is used internally, you can even tweak one part of your build with CMake if you really want or need it.
    The issue with them is that they are too low-level tools than the one a developer should face and imperative, resulting in specific-case build recipes each time.
    With nxxm your code declares it's style and nxxm reads it to define your build.

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