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xxhr Namespace Reference


template<typename... Ts>
void GET (Ts &&...ts)
 HTTP GET Request.
template<typename... Ts>
void POST (Ts &&...ts)
 HTTP POST Request.
template<typename... Ts>
void PUT (Ts &&...ts)
 HTTP PUT Request.
template<typename... Ts>
void HEAD (Ts &&...ts)
 HTTP HEAD Request.
template<typename... Ts>
void DELETE_ (Ts &&...ts)
template<typename... Ts>
void OPTIONS (Ts &&...ts)
template<typename... Ts>
void PATCH (Ts &&...ts)
 HTTP PATCH Request.


class  Authentication
 Some Web APIs requires authenticating via HTTP Basic auth ( i.e. base64 encoded user and password authentication). More...
struct  Body
 The body sent with the request. Typically useful in xxhr::POST context but can be used in any request type. More...
struct  Buffer
 In memory buffer to send in an xxhr::Multipart. More...
class  Digest
 Some Web APIs requires authenticating via HTTP Digest auth ( i.e. MD5 hashed user and password ). More...
class  Error
 Represents Errors happening at a lower layer than HTTP. More...
struct  File
 Local file path to send in an xxhr::Multipart. More...
class  MaxRedirects
 HTTP servers can reply with http redirection header, to avoid infinite redirection client application can define a maximum redirect count. By default when not supplied std::numeric_limits<std::int32_t>::max() is used as maximum redirection. More...
class  Multipart
 Allows to specify HTTP Multipart requests. Useful in xxhr::POST context to perform data upload. More...
class  Parameters
 Allows passing an initializer list of named HTTP Parameters that will be URL Encoded within the request URI or xxhr::Body ( i.e. In the form your/url?param=value). More...
struct  Part
 Buffer or File part of an xxhr::Multipart transfer. More...
class  Response
 Passed to the unary callback xxhr::on_response. Provides access to request Content and Success, HTTP Status Codes or Errors. More...
struct  sync
 Helper object for the non-recommended good old synchronous way of thinking. More...
class  Timeout
 A timeout specification to cut short slow HTTP queries. More...


using Header = std::map< std::string, std::string, CaseInsensitiveCompare >
 HTTP Headers to add to the request or received in xxhr::Response.


constexpr make_handler_t< on_response_ > on_response
 Continuation callback ( i.e. signature : void callback(xxhr::Response)) for the asynchronous HTTP operations. It is called in any cases with the response and if any the error conditions. See xxhr::Response for status_code and response body.